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Our story

The house that built Porch

Matt Ehrlichman and family

A few years ago, our CEO Matt Ehrlichman set out to build his first home in Seattle for his family. Along the way Matt needed to answer many of the same questions every homeowner wrestles with.

Where do you go for inspiration so you can make your dream home a reality? How do you find the right home improvement professional to get the job done?

One website had great inspiration but no professionals. Another site had professionals but no reviews from neighbors or friends.

Matt spent the next month searching the Internet and asking family and friends for ideas and referrals. There was a lot of information available but Matt realized that nobody had organized inspiration, project data, or word-of-mouth referrals in one place.

Being the entrepreneur that he is, Matt decided to tackle this problem and Porch was born.

In its first year Porch focused on being the best place to find the right professionals and to discover what’s possible. Fast-forward to today and Porch is much more than just a home improvement network. It is the place homeowners come to find the right professionals, get inspired, and manage their homes.

We believe the best way to do this is through data aggregation and trusted connections so you can truly love your home.

Welcome to Porch.

"The home is the biggest investment of your life and it is where life's great moments happen. It should be easy to love your home. Now it is with Porch."

- Matt, CEO